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Eagle Rock Bbq

In Texas they say "let the meat speak for itself"

this is California we have choirs and orchestras.

What is California Bbq?


Currently, the closet California has to a native grill/barbecue is Santa Maria tri-tip. Tri-tip can’t just be thrown on a grill and turned.  It’s a labor-intensive style that involves marinades and careful monitoring. The result is a unique experience; the edges are well done and as you move towards the center it is almost rare. It even requires more attention while slicing but, It creates a more complex flavor profile, and the marinade offers the chance for more creativity.


California Bbq takes the same approach to smoking meats.  It is a much more labor-intensive style that is not held to any specific tradition. There is a great deal to be learned from all of the classic regional styles. Combining those ideas with the science of smoking and the abundance of amazing local ingredients available; the goal is to make the most flavorful, most tender food possible, with complex flavors that appeal to all your senses.


Because there is no “traditional” method, anything that helps to reach the goal is fair game.  A fresh pineapple wash for pork to use the Bromelain enzyme, a lot of work but makes a huge difference.  A little Indian Cayenne from Mumbai or Korean Gochujang in the mix, just like California, the combination creates something completely new.  A quick bath in the sous vide to vacuum seal in brines and marinades, heresy in Texas but the science of temperature and collagen breakdown creates a texture that can’t be achieved with a smoker alone and allows for an even longer smoke at a lower temperature. 


Our chicken wings are brined for 8 hours, smoked for 5 hours and then fried to order with our homemade sauce. Our potato salad is made with smoked potatoes and homemade mayo made with rendered bacon fat.

That’s California bbq

Everything is just a little upgraded and is made from scratch the hard way - because it makes a difference.  And of course, whenever possible there always a lot of avocados. 

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